Team Bio

Hoda Kamal

Hoda A. Kamal is a project designer and plays an integral role at Kuo Diedrich Chi. She produces high quality design brochures, proposals, marketing materials and project-specific image management for the firm’s recreational and retail projects. Her talent in illustration and expertise in presentations graphics makes Hoda an invaluable member of the team.

Hoda joined Kuo Diedrich Chi in 2004 shortly after moving to the United States from her native country, Egypt. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University in Cairo, she went on to work for several large international design firms, including a German gypsum board company based in Cairo.

Structure, form and art have always been an interest to Hoda that also carries over into her personal life where she makes fused glass work by hand. She loves raising her children in Atlanta and hopes they find joy and fulfillment in their lives as she has.